Dental insurance usually covers a portion of our fee. Coverage depends on what your employer has chosen to provide. We will make every effort to get as much of your fee covered as possible given the limits of your policy.

Patients whose insurance carrier will pay Dr. Landau directly are responsible for the balance of the fee. If the insurance will not pay the doctor directly, then the fee must be paid in full by the patient before paperwork can be sent out. In that case, the patient is reimbursed by their insurance for whatever amount is covered.

Dr. Landau offers a book keepers credit to patients who choose to take advantage of this option. Payment made in full at the first visit will entitle the patient to a 10% reduction in the fee for endodontic treatment. We can still take care of all the paperwork to arrange for insurance reimbursement.

Coverage is based on when treatment is started. Start dates cannot legally be changed to suit timing of insurance coverage.

Fees can be paid in cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.

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